Boston Public Library has loctions all throughout Boston, but is missing a branch in the center of the city. Positioning a new branch location between South Station and Chinatown allows for an accessibile library in the heart of the Boston.


The new branch is easily accessible for vistors coming from South Station, and locals from Chinatown and the rest of Boston. Thus, the library will situated at the threshold of two communities.


The design if the library incorporates primary vertical circulation along the eastern edge of the site, juxtaposed with the circulation of traffic on the street. In contrast, the relatively static program of the library is situated on the west of the site.


The main interior circulation revolves around a “spine” of the library. Essentially, the circulation of Surface Road softens and extends upwards through the library. The juxtaposition of these two methods of circulation suggests the deceleration of movement though the library. In addition, light travels through each level of the building towards a sunken auditorium, connecting the spaces of each floor.