The pinch between waters in East Boston allows for an opportunity to link two entities while performing for civic value. In studies of barriers, bridges, and buffers, we see how each example is characterized. At East Boston, our barrier is the land, which separates two waters: Chelsea River and Boston Harbor. We shall connect them with a bridge of sorts to provide similar performative quality that the Fens do. As a way to relieve East Boston of sewage, drainage, and storm surge concerns, a new water link will remediate the runoff of different programs.


The link between the two is comprised of the interweaving of water and civic nodes, each of which provide for the city. Civic nodes are characterized by the meeting of water, program, and vegetation. Water nodes are characterized by their function in the remediation process. Runoff water will be collected from new and existing civic nodes. At this pinch, the water will run from Chelsea River and discharge at Constitution Beach after enduring a remediation process which includes sedementation, retention, and aeration.